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Addressing Energy Efficiency in Industry

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At AEInnova we believe that economic development is and must be compatible with social commitment to the point that one does not make sense without the other.
Faithful to our foundational values, we do not want to be because we are already a socially committed company that wants to continue improving day by day, beyond the traditional Corporate Social Responsibility policies (often associated with marketing strategies) or, even, of Creating Share Value (often associated with competitive advantages).

For this reason, at AEInnova we commit ourselves to:

Participate proactively in the improvement of our environment, establishing transparent, honest, and loyal relationships with all the people, organizations, and entities we interact with.

Strive to create a friendly, tolerant and healthy working environment that understands the diversity of the people employed as a necessary value and that it offers options and encourages actions for their personal and professional growth.

Facilitate and promote individual and collective actions aimed at improving the environment, especially those aimed at the most disadvantaged sectors.

Promote individual and collective actions aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of the people employed and designing products under the paradigm of the circular economy following responsible production processes.

Establish the necessary processes in order to guarantee the quality of our products, the satisfaction of our customers and responsible production systems, encouraging research, and innovation at all times as a necessary tool for continuous improvement

AEINNOVA and u.n. global compact

As a consequence of our social commitment policies, since 2018 we have become a signatory member of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact.
Initially, we focused on the 8 SDGs shown below and, especially on SDG # 7, which represents the core of our company.
In 2018, we were recognized for our work in the SDG # 7 in the GoODS awards organized by the Spanish Network of the Global Compact together with the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

You can find our latest Certificate on Progress on the UN Global Compact website

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Spanish network global compact awards

GoODS #7 prize

David Comellas with ODS7 award

David Comellas, CEO, collecting the prize

Recognition for our efforts to research in new ways to create an affordable and clean energy.

ODS7 Award

Social Commitment Library


Code of ethics and conduct

Approved 25/03/2019 (ES)

Inclusive language

Following Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) guide (ES)

Harassment Prevention Protocol

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