Addressing the industry energy efficiency

Ready in Q1 in 2024

Objective: waste heat conversion in electricity

Big industry loses up to 65% of energy as waste heat. Only in Europe, we are losing up to 20% of the annual energy needs as waste heat.

The WHRU uses an awarded technology capable to convert waste heat into clean CO2 negative energy. This family of products is capable to generate electricity from hot surfaces allowing injecting it into the electricity network for self-consumption, promoting a circular economy, and reducing CO2 royalty payments.

Petrochemical industry with smoking pipes (waste heat)

System Description

Waste Heat Recovery Unit Infograph

The WHRU is a modular system composed of a set of thermoelectric batteries and controlled by our patented microelectronic system specially designed to obtain the maximum overall performance of the system.

Therefore, it is a fully scalable system, adaptable to any surface and with a practical plug & play installation.

Finally, its construction features (without moving mechanical components) make a very low maintenance cost with maximum durability.

DAEVIS dashboard

Daevis Dashboard

The industry requires large display formats and more flexible control data. Currently, the SCADA platforms are highly expensive, inflexible, and have too little handling capacity.

DAEVIS (stands for Dashboard AEInnova Visualizer) is our proprietary web monitoring dashboard, flexible, customizable, and in the cloud or on-premises (installed on client-server). Complete control of any process, anywhere, and control the power of historical and real-time alerts.

Technical Information


  • Waste heat recovery (cooling gases/fluids) and clean energy generation.
  • Power supply equipment (PLCs) and sensing and control threads (IoT devices, solenoid valves, etc.).


  • Virtually maintenance equipment.
  • Easy installation (plug & play).
  • Reduced operating costs (electricity consumption) and energy improvement of threads (thermal breaks steam boilers).
  • Improving the environmental model of the company by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

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