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Tubacex POC Project



LocationAmurrio (Araba – Spain)
Implementation time3 months
NeedMonitoring of a furnace blower motor. The implementation must continuously monitor the motor vibrations in order to predict the deterioration of the installation and anticipate the appearance of technical problems.


The iIoT INDU-EYE LoRA Vibro platform consists of 4 components:

1) The thermogenerator. It is the device capable of generating electrical energy from waste heat and that will power the entire system. In this case, the furnace has a flat surface with a temperature of 98.3 degrees Celsius.

2) The accelerometer sensor. In this case, it will be located on the blower motor at a distance of 3 meters from the thermogenerator.

3) The LoRa communication node. This device will be able to send the collected data to our monitoring servers in the cloud.

4) DAEVIS. It is the iIoT device monitoring system that will be in charge of collecting and displaying the collected data.



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