Waste heat revalorization for the total lithium battery suppresion in steam pipeline sensing

Overall numbers in an oil refinery

20,000 Steam Traps

These are the typical steam traps located in a medium-sized oil refinery

Steam Leaks

A conventional locked steam trap lose from 4 kg/h up to 15 kg/h of steam.

1,200 USD / Year

Working 8,000 hour / year, with 15 kg/h of Steam at 10 USD / 1000kg.

Development stage

1st Stage- 2021

1st pilot developed for measuring steam leaks in a steam pipe of soybean plant. Equipment fully powered by waste heat.

2nd Stage- 2022

LoRaWAN IoT device with 2km of wireless range, developed under ATEX constraints, measuring Delta T in the steam trap every 2 minutes.

3nd Stage- 2023

Ultrasound fine tunning to detect steam whislisting in combination with Delta T, to supress false-positives commonly found in previous versions.

Commercial Version (Q3-2024)

  • Uses waste heat from the steam pipeline for powering the steam leaks detection devices:
    • Temperature 120º
  • Fast and low-cost deployment: estimated ROY of 10 months
  • High precision and accuracy
    • Inlet/outlet temperature and high spectrum ultrasounds
  • Savings up to 1,200 USD / year / unit:
    • Steam leaks
    • Audits
    • Battery replacements

Project partners

Project cofinanced by the Catalan Government- ACCIÓ- Nuclis d’economia Circulat. 

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