AEInnova could benefit from Germany’s stimulus to the green economy

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AEInnova workshop

On 20 September, the government of Angela Merkel approved an environmental measures plan with an investment of 54,000 million euros with the intention of reducing emissions of CO2 by 55% in 2030. This measure also has the purpose to stimulate the growth of the country which, in return, should benefit other companies from other European countries.

In this context, AEInnova is a company that could benefit from the announced measures since it develops thermoelectric technology that allows to convert the residual heat into electrical energy, developing a series of products that allow industries to be more efficient and sustainable.

On the other hand, after 2017 he was a finalist for the Start Up Energy Transition Awards: The future of production and manufacturing has a close relationship with the German government with the DENA, the German Energy Agency. As a result of this relationship, last September they were able to participate in the 24th World Energy Congress and in the workshops of the World Economic Forum and the O15 + ICER (International Conference of Energy Regulators).

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Inauguration of the 26th academic year of the Salesian University School of Sarria (EUSS)

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On October 2, Dr. Raúl Aragonés gave the inaugural conference of the 26th academic year of the Salesian University School of Sarria (EUSS).

His conference began with a review of the most relevant milestones of Humanity and then focused on the progress that has taken place in the last 150 years and its severe environmental consequences.

In a second part, he reflected on the current energy model, which he defined as unfeasible, and then presented alternative technologies in energy generation.

Finally, he made a special mention to the Energy Harvesting technologies, explaining the status and progress of the European LIFE HEAT-R project that they are developing in AEInnova.

Dr. Raúl Aragonés is a EUSS graduate student and he was grateful for the honor to participate in this prestigious event at a university that was fundamental in his training.



AEInnova has participated in the 24th World Energy Congress of Abu Dhabi

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24th World Energy Congress - Word Economic Forum

AEInnova, member of SET 100 – a group that brings together the top 100 startups in the world committed to the energy transition – has been invited by DENA (Deutsche Energie Agentur / German Energy Agency) to participate in the 24th World Energy Congress, an event organized by the World Energy Council and held in Abu Dhabi from September 9 to 12.

Under the motto of Energy for Prosperity, multiple conferences and working groups were designed to bring together top-level political, business and research agents as well as a large representation of the main actors involved in the generation and distribution of energy with the objective of reflecting on the main difficulties in achieving a sustainable global energy system that allows high levels of prosperity and well-being.

After four days of work, the need to evolve towards a decarbonized energy model is evident, but there is still a lot of obstacles to solve. On the one hand, technological aspects, such as the redesign of electrical networks or the storage of energy to balance supply and demand); on the other, economic aspects, both in terms of the necessary investments and the possibility (or not) of being able to assume them – especially in developing countries – and, finally, social aspects that will be produced as a result of the redefinition of the economic models. In summary, problems that can only be solved by solidarity, courageous and transversal policies that facilitate cooperation, innovation and investment.
With regard to AEInnova, we was invited to the workshops held by the World Economic Forum and the O15 + ICER Annual Workshop (International Conference of Energy Regulators) where we could present the possibilities of thermoelectricity as a result of the experience obtained through the European LIFE project HEAT-R.

According to David Comellas, CEO of AEInnova, this conference «has allowed us to see the problems from a very generalist and polyhedral perspective and to express that the desire to decarbonize the planet is not a political or marketing campaign but rather It is a fact shared by all the actors involved but, unfortunately, there are still many challenges to be resolved so that it becomes a reality »

We  deeply thanked the DENA‘s invitation and congratulations to the World Energy Council for the organization that has been excellent in every way. a



AEInnova Summer Camp 2019

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Team - AEInnova Summer Camp

The summer camp began with the intervention of Dr. Raúl Aragonés, president of the company, who presented the day making a historic journey from the beginning of this «dream» to the current moments «when AEInnova has become a reference company in thermoelectricity «.

Raúl Aragonés - AEInnova Summer Camp
Raúl Aragonés – AEInnova Summer Camp

Then, David Comellas, CEO of AEInnova, took the floor and talked about the results achieved, future challenges and changes in management that have been made in recent months and will continue to be carried out as we leave the starting condition to become in a company.


David Comellas - AEInnova Summer Camp
David Comellas – AEInnova Summer Camp


Subsequently, Dr. Ramon Voces began to present the changes in information technology and information management, talking about Knowledge Management and Innovation in SMEs, which continued Alex Santolaria, IT manager, and Victor Ciria, administrator of systems.

Finally, Laura Martínez, responsible for quality, spoke about the latest developments regarding ISO9001 and the details of implementation in AEInnova.


Laura Martínez - AEInnova Summer Camp
Laura Martínez – AEInnova Summer Camp


In short, a day in which all people on the team could «synchronize» and share moments of communion.




AEInnova winner of the Industry 4.0 Award for its Indu-Eye product

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The Industry 4.0 Forum is an annual event organized by the Enginyers de Catalunya’s Industry 4.0 Commission with the aim of sharing and disseminating experiences related to 4.0 technologies. The Industry 4.0 Award recognizes the contribution of companies that lead research and innovation in this field.

The product presented by AEInnova is called Indu-Eye,the first end to end sensorization iIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) platform able to work without the need of wiring or batteries. In this way, the implementation and maintenance costs are substantially reduced and, in addition, the environmental impact caused by the manufacture and recycling of batteries (usually Lithium) is eliminated.

Currently, several Indu-Eye pilots have already been validated in industries as diverse as the petrochemical, automotive or food industries and are already in the pre-industrialization phase.

Electricity generation is produced by thermoelectricity, a discipline in which AEInnova has extensive experience and for which in recent years it has been recognized with important national and international awards.



AEInnova present at Arch Summit 2019

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Arch Summit 2019 logo

Arch Summit 2019 brought together executives from Vodafone’s global network, cutting edge startups and leading innovators to one place.

We had the chance to show our latest research project Harvestore to 60 Exhibitors, 200 Startups, 5k Attendees, 100 Venture Capitalists and Investors and, the last but no the least, Vodafone’s Group C-level executives.

Without a doubt, a really good experience!



Going to StartupOle

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This year has been another great year in StartupOlé. It is a fair in which we have participated since its inception and we must say that we have always felt very comfortable.

On this occasion, our mission was threefold: 1) show the advances of our technology, 2) present the Harvestore  project, a H2020 project in which we participated together with a consortium of 11 organizations and 3) greet the countless contacts we have made along these years. And we can say that … mission accomplished!

Certainly there have been 3 very intense days in which there have been very special moments. As soon as we started, we had the pleasure of meeting the president of the Spanish government Pedro Sánchez and explaining all our projects.

Then we participated in the pitches competition, winning our Energy vertical and, in the pitches final we got to be finalists.

Already wishing to participate in StartupOlé 2020!