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New networking – SUGAR PROJECT

New networking – SUGAR PROJECT.                                      

One of the LIFE project objectives is the connection with other research, development, and innovation projects, LIFE or not, with the pursuit of similar sustainability goals. 

A few days ago, we started conversations with STARA GLASS about how to be on the same line with the LIFE projects. 

Here below, have a look at the SUGAR LIFE PROJECT.

SUGAR project aims to provide the glass production industry with new technology – an innovative heat recovery system for the furnace that exploits the generation of hydrogen-rich syngas for the combustion process that allows to save energy and to reduce CO2 emissions of the melting process by 10/15%.

The novelty of this application in glass production is that the heat for the Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) reaction will not be generated on purpose by direct fuel combustion but will be recovered from flue gases that otherwise would be lost into the atmosphere.