the pathway to Industry 4.0

Objective: wireless and batteryless IoT device with full monitoring system

Industries need to improve its monitoring processes. Wired sensing solutions require high investment costs wile battery-powered wireless sensing solutions have high maintenance costs, a high enviromental impact and are tipically not suitable for ATEX environments due to the explosion risk of lithium batteries.

InduEye is a batteryless and wireless product that overcomes the traditional problems of IoT implementation in Industry 4.0

Factory picture with an infograph of Industry 4.0 ecosystem

System Description

InduEye is a complete IoT platform designed for the industry and composed of the following 4 components:

  1. Thermogenerator: our awarded and patented technology is capable to power all the system converting waste heat into electricity.
  2. Sensors: Indu-Eye is capable of incorporating any type of sensor, regardless of its technology
  3. Node: it is the element capable of collecting all the readings of the associated sensors and sending them wirelessly to the cloud, making use of various transmission technologies (Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT …)
  4. Daevis: it is our data processing and monitoring center, where all data is presented in a highly customizable dashboard.

DAEVIS dashboard

Daevis Dashboard

The industry requires large display formats and more flexible control data. Currently, the SCADA platforms are highly expensive, inflexible and too little handling capacity.

DAEVIS (stands for Dashboard AEInnova Visualizer) is our propietary web monitoring dashboard, flexible, customizable and in the cloud or on-premises (installed on client-server). Complete control of any process, anywhere and control the power of historical and real-time alerts.

Technical Information


  • Remote sensing wirelessly from any industrial process, whether inside or outside the plant.


  • Virtually maintenance equipment.
  • Ability to incorporate all kinds of sensors (pressure, humidity, gases, fluids, flow, temperature, acceleration / vibration, position, stress, etc.).
  • Easy installation (plug & play).
  • Reduction to 95% of the cost of wiring installation (wireless power and communications through heat sources).
  • Reduction to 90% of the maintenance costs (no battery replacement).
  • Improving the environmental model of the company by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

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