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Temperature Condition Monitoring

Downtime costs every factory at least 5% of its productive capacity, and many lose up to 20%. But an estimated 80% of industrial facilities are unable to accurately estimate their total downtime cost (TDC). Many of these facilities are underestimating their downtime by 200-300% according to downtime consultants.

Article written by Dave Crumrine and Doug Post, of Interstates

InduEye TERMO is an InduEye Smart Monitoring product with wich you can diagnose heating and rotating equipment, check the temperature in hazardous parts in a process and test electric motors in the following machines:

  • Furnaces, Kilns and boilers.
  • Pipeline, steam traps.
  • Drum dryers, belt press, centrifuge decanters.
  • Pumps, motors, fans, compressors, and turbines.
  • Centrifugal separators, blowers, agitators, expenders, and heat exchangers.
  • Thermostatic filters. 

It is designed to work in extreme environments and is ATEX compliant, which makes it suitable for multiple industrial sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals and cement. A flexible and scalable solution that will allow you to make a smooth transition to Industry 4.0.

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Key Features

In addition to all the general features of InduEye the Indueye TERMO solution offers the following key features:


± 0,1 ºC to ± 1 ºC

Data update cycle

From 1 to 10 sample/hour


Environmental impact​

96% reduction in carbon emissions, water usage, heat and energy consumption.
4 T CO2 eq/ device yearly

Elimitation of breakdowns

Up to 75% breakdowns reduction.

Reduction in downtime

The unplanned downtime of the machine will decrease up to 45%.

Increase in productivity

Increase the productivity up to 25%.

Reduce risks

Risks on safety, health, environment and quality will decrease by 14%.

Reduction in maintenance costs​

More than 200€ / yearly in battery replacements + personal costs + process stop.


LoRaWAN > 80% compared with any wireless solutions.

System Description

InduEye TERMO® is a complete IoT platform designed for the industry and composed of the following 3 components and a cloud dashboard:

  1. Thermogenerator: our awarded and patented thermoelectric generator.
  2. Sensor: An industrial temperature sensor (PT100/PT1000).
  3. Node: a wireless IoT device for communication or a wireless IoT device plus a 3rd Party LoRaWAN gateway for LoRaWAN communications.
Cloud dashboard:
  1. Daevis: it is our data processing and monitoring center, where all data is presented in a highly customizable dashboard.


Always on, always monitored


The industry requires large display formats and more flexible control data. Currently, the SCADA platforms are highly expensive, inflexible and too little handling capacity.

DAEVIS (stands for Dynamic AEInnova VISualizer) is our proprietary cloud-based web monitoring dashboard. It is flexible, customizable, and deployed in the cloud or on-premises (installed on client-server). Complete control of any process, anywhere, and control the power of historical and  real-time alerts, telegram notifications, and predictive maintenance tools.

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