The pathway to Industry 4.0

Wireless and Batteryless IoT solution
with full monitoring system

Industries need to improve their assets and processes monitoring capabilities. Wired sensing solutions require high investment while battery-powered wireless sensing solutions have high maintenance costs, and environmental impact, and are typically not suitable for ATEX environments due to the explosion risk of lithium batteries.

INDUEYE is a batteryless wireless solution that overcomes the traditional problems of IoT implementation in Industry 4.0. With INDUEYE VIBRO® and INDUEYE THERMO®, you can control the vibrations and temperatures of your machinery and take control over the operational status of your industry. 

INDUEYE 2.0 STEAMTRAP® 3-sensor, for the steam leak detection on steam traps, will be available during Q2-2023.

Welcome to INDUSTRY 4.0!

Key Features


Don't worry about battery maintenance and sustainability: INDUEYE is powered by waste heat.

Edge Computing

Proceses data on the node for efficiency and performance.

Long-range communications

Clear CAPEX reduction thanks to the use of long-range protocols (LoRa-Wan & NB-IoT/LTE-M).

ATEX compliant

INDUEYE is battery-free and ATEX / IECEx certified.

Easy to install

Without stops, without special installations, in a snap.

Free of maintenance

The INDUEYE is plug&play and do not require any type of maintenance.


Environmental impact​

96% reduction in carbon emissions, water usage, heat and energy consumption.

Elimitation of breakdowns

Up to 75% breakdowns reduction.

Reduction in downtime

The unplanned downtime of the machine will decrease up to 45%.

Increase in productivity

Increase the productivity up to 25%.

Reduce risks

Risks on safety, health, environment and quality will decrease by 14%.

Reduction in maintenance costs​

More than 200€ / yearly in battery replacements + personal costs + process stop.


LoRaWAN > 80% compared with any wireless solutions.
NB-IOT / LTE-M > 95% compared to all the wireless solutions.

System Description

INDUEYE is a complete IoT platform designed for the industry and composed of the following 4 components:

  1. Energy harvesting powered: our state-of-the-art thermoelectric generator, awarded and internationally patented, is capable of powering all the systems converting waste heat into clean electricity (Wind and PV version in certification process).
  2. Sensors: INDUEYE read data from the 3-Axis vibration sensor. In Q2-2023 it will incorporate a 4/20mA bus to manage any industrial sensors, regardless of its technology.
  3. IoT Node: collects all the readings from sensors, processes the data (edge-computing), and sends them wirelessly to the cloud, making use of various transmission technologies with coverage up to 20 km. No other autonomous devices in the market, are powered by energy harvesting.
  4. Daevis: our cloud-based SaaS processing and monitoring center, where all data is presented in a highly customizable dashboard with predictive maintenance capabilities.

One INDUEYE, two versions


The INDUEYE solution for
vibration monitoring (LoRaWAN & NB-IoT available)


The INDUEYE solution for
temperature monitoring (LoRaWAN & NB-IoT available)

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