The Art of Energy Harvesting


The pathway to Industry 4.0​

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Addressing Energy Efficiency in Industry

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the waste heat Problem

The generation of energy has become a very important problem both from the economic and environmental point of view. Therefore, we need to create technologies and systems that are capable of creating clean energy to use it in the most efficient way possible.
Despite the efforts, the industry continues to be one of the sectors where there is a great margin for improvement in terms of energy efficiency. It is estimated that approximately 60% of the energy consumed is lost in heat (in waste heat), which has a huge economic and environmental impact.

Petrochemical industry with smoking pipes (waste heat)


Some numbers

  EU Industry Energy Consumption (TW/year)
  EU Industrial Heat Comsumption (TW/year)
  Economical impact (M€)
  Ecological Impact (TCOe)

Our Solution: electricity from waste heat

At AEInnova, we are Energy Harvesting experts and we are developing a range of solutions related to the generation of electricity from waste heat. Our patented technology combines the latest advances in heat and thermoelectric materials with a sophisticated microelectronic system able to provide always the maximum point tracker.

These solutions are aimed to improving energy efficiency and reducing the CO2 footprint of the industry, as well as expansion of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, converting waste heat into electrical energy. Without complicated installations nor expensive maintenance.

Factory picture with an infograph of Industry 4.0 ecosystem

the pathway to Industry 4.0

Industries need to improve its monitoring processes. Wired sensing solutions require high investment costs wile battery-powered wireless sensing solutions have high maintenance costs, a high enviromental impact and are tipically not suitable for ATEX environments due to the explosion risk of lithium batteries.

Indu-Eye is a batteryless and wireless product that overcomes the traditional problems of IoT implementation in Industry 4.0

addressing the industry energy efficiency

The WHRU uses an awarded technology capable to convert waste heat into clean CO2 negative energy. This family of products is capable to generate electricity from hot surfaces allowing injecting it into the electricity network for self-consumption, promoting circular economy and reducing CO2 royalty payments.


AEInnova has received the support of Fundación Repsol in the fourth edition of the Fondo de Emprendedores, in the category of project. The acceleration process has been a successful, with an evident advance in the development of its technology and consolidation in the business model. I would like to emphasize the professional quality of the AEInnova team. Congratulations!
Eduardo García Moreno
Eduardo Garcia Moreno Fundación Repsol
Director Fondo de Emprendedores de Fundación Repsol
Alternative Energy Innovations is a start-up with a great potential in the energy sector. The company has been evolved very fast since its inception, catching the interest in the market from the begining. We believe AEI will be one of the leading technology companies in the field of energy harvesting.
Josep Miquel Torregrossa
Josep-Miquel Torregrosa InnoEnnergy
Business Creation Officer
The difference of temperature in ours furnaces is a potential problem in the quality of our manufacturing process. Thanks to the wireless communication system of AEInnova, we know the temperature in different places of our furnace in real time. The team of this start-up has been able to understand our needs and bring into a system that is helping us every day.
Lara Aragonés
Lara Aragonés Esbelt
Lean Manager


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