Project under programe Eurostars-3
(Generator – Thermoelectric – Flexible)


We will improve the overall conversion efficiency of thermoelectric energy harvesting modules (TEG) and their general versatility in industry. The key enabling technology is the introduction of flexible, ceramic-based material as substrate for TEGs. The main objectives of the project are:

  • Fine-tune the material properties of the flexible ceramics, such as porosity and stiffness.
  • Test the new TEG designs and optimize their fabrication process.
  • Demonstrate a working prototype TEG based on the flexible substrate in an industrial relevant environment.
  • Build viable a business model based on producing the TEGs in the EU conforming to sustainability standards.


  • TEGnology ApS  (Country: Denmark)
  • Danish Technological Institute (Country: Denmark)
  • Flexiramics B.V.  (Country: The Netherlands)
  • AEInnova 
    • Subsidized by CDTI


This project has received funding from the «Eurostars-3» program with co-funding from CDTI and from the European Union’s «Horizon Europe» Research and Innovation Framework Program.