DAEVIS : Dynamic AEInnova VISualizer

Monitoring and controlling your IoT devices

IoT devices generate a huge amount of very different types of data. Today, visualizing the data in the right way at the right time has become a key element to effectively control the processes in our Industry.

Traditional systems (such as SCADA) have failed to adapt to the new times and have become expensive and often unusable.

DAEVIS (stands for Dynamic AEInnova VISualizer) is our flexible, customizable, agnostic-free sensor, cloud, or on-premises web monitoring dashboard. Created using the most modern technologies. Is a robust and secure product with which you will be able to know at all times what is happening in your company.

Our dashboard is sensor-agnostic. That means you can integrate AEInnova InduEye devices or third-party devices in a unique interface.  It’s time to control any process, anywhere and anytime.

For critical facilities, DAEVIS can be deployed on-premises (on your own IT servers) to guarantee its confidentiality and strength.

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Key Features

Cloud Based

A full SaaS (Software as a Service). Product based on AWS.


For more flexibility and customization.

Dynamic reporting & Predictive maintenance

Analyze your data as you prefer.


Customize alarms and channels.


Designed to stand alone or to integrate in other platforms (eg. SCADA).

Cost reduction

Up to 60% of cost reduction compared to other similar platforms.

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