The Art of Energy Harvesting

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Addressing Energy Efficiency in Industry

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Aeinnova is a young and a small company that owns a very strong convictions and very clear ideas about who we are, where we are going and how we want to go. Here you are our mission, vision and values:


To carry out research and develop thermoelectric energy generation systems aimed at the recovery of the residual heat of the industry in order to offer cutting-edge technology capable of improving its energy efficiency and reducing its environmental impact


Become a leading company in research and development of systems based on thermoelectric power generation and recognized for its commitment to creating a more fair, ethical and sustainable world.



We believe in the talent and passion of people and the multiplier effects of teamwork. We vindicate the work environment as an opportunity for professional growth but also for staff


We promote the right to seek new ways, not to be conformist, to criticize to improve, to try to make mistakes and learn from mistakes


We understand the continuous improvement and the search for excellence as a transversal requirement that must be integrated into all the activities that are carried out every day


We understand that ethics must govern our activities and, therefore, we want to maintain relationships based on trust, honesty, transparency and respect

Social commitment

We assume our activity as a way of generating wealth, work and knowledge that should foster the present and future welfare of our society and of our planet

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Social Commitment

At AEInnova we believe that economic development is and must be compatible with the social commitment to the point that one does not make sense without the other.
Faithful to our foundational values, we do not want to be because we are already a socially committed company that wants to continue improving day by day, beyond the traditional Corporate Social Responsibility policies


AEInnova’s team consists of a consolidated group of electronic, computer and mechanical engineers (4 of them doctors) together with an experienced people on business. In addition, our commitment to training and research, we like to have collaborations Ph.D. and end-of-Master’s project students that allows us to share experiences with new generations and incorporate new talent

Raú Aragonés

Dr. Raúl Aragonés

Chairman & Chief Business Development Officer

David Comellas

David Comellas

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Carles Ferrer

Dr. Carles Ferrer

Chief Scientific Officer

Ramón Voces

Dr. Ramón Voces

Chief Communication Officer

Joan Olivé

Dr. Joan Oliver

Scientific Advisor

Roger Nicolàs

Roger Nicolás

IoT Researcher

Òscar Meca

Oscar Meca

Project Manager

Alexandra Castellón

Product Manager

Roger Malet

Roger Malet

R&D Manager

Anderson Machado

Electronic Engineering Manager

Teresa Márquez - Enviromental Engineee

Teresa Márquez

Environment Analyst

Andrés Ibáñez

Andrés Ibáñez

Mechanical Engineer

Alex Santolaria

Alejandro Santolaria

IT Manager

Laura Martínez

Laura Martínez de Arenzana

Quality Manager


For AEInnova it is important to do things well. For that reason, we consider it very important that our most strategic processes be periodically audited by external companies that certify that we do things well and, if necessary, how we can improve day by day.

Currently, at the company level, we have obtained the ISO9001 quality certification and, at the product level, we have achieved the CE marking for our InduEye product. And we will continue …


I felt very confortable working at AEInnova because the environment at the office is really nice; there is always sense of humor and kind words for co-workers. I had a wonderful experience and learnt a lot, mostly because colleagues were always willing to help, and I think that is because they truly believe in the mission of the company. I don't regret applying for AEInnova's internship at all!
Carles Hidalgo Pinilla
Business Internship
My experience at AEInnova has been rewarding. I followed a gradual work plan with the supervision and continuous help of my tutor Antonio and Andrés, my partner in the Mechanic Dpt. I want to highlight the good work environment and camaraderie that have helped me to combine studies and work without affecting my academic performance. My internship has served to develop me as a person and engineer.
Manuel Melquiades Velastegui Chadan
Mechanics Dpt. Internship
My experience at AEInnova has been very positive. From the first moment I felt welcomed in the team as one more, everyone helped me when I needed it and they have provided me with all the necessary resources to carry out my academic training.
Cristina García Olivares
IT Internship



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