AEInnova winner of the Industry 4.0 Award for its Indu-Eye product

The Industry 4.0 Forum is an annual event organized by the Enginyers de Catalunya’s Industry 4.0 Commission with the aim of sharing and disseminating experiences related to 4.0 technologies. The Industry 4.0 Award recognizes the contribution of companies that lead research and innovation in this field.

The product presented by AEInnova is called Indu-Eye,the first end to end sensorization iIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) platform able to work without the need of wiring or batteries. In this way, the implementation and maintenance costs are substantially reduced and, in addition, the environmental impact caused by the manufacture and recycling of batteries (usually Lithium) is eliminated.

Currently, several Indu-Eye pilots have already been validated in industries as diverse as the petrochemical, automotive or food industries and are already in the pre-industrialization phase.

Electricity generation is produced by thermoelectricity, a discipline in which AEInnova has extensive experience and for which in recent years it has been recognized with important national and international awards.