AEInnova could benefit from Germany’s stimulus to the green economy

AEInnova workshop

On 20 September, the government of Angela Merkel approved an environmental measures plan with an investment of 54,000 million euros with the intention of reducing emissions of CO2 by 55% in 2030. This measure also has the purpose to stimulate the growth of the country which, in return, should benefit other companies from other European countries.

In this context, AEInnova is a company that could benefit from the announced measures since it develops thermoelectric technology that allows to convert the residual heat into electrical energy, developing a series of products that allow industries to be more efficient and sustainable.

On the other hand, after 2017 he was a finalist for the Start Up Energy Transition Awards: The future of production and manufacturing has a close relationship with the German government with the DENA, the German Energy Agency. As a result of this relationship, last September they were able to participate in the 24th World Energy Congress and in the workshops of the World Economic Forum and the O15 + ICER (International Conference of Energy Regulators).

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