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About Anna Rovira’s time in AEInnova

Anna Rovira’s internship testimonial

Anna Rovira has studied  Business Administration at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She decides to do an internship as a financial assistant and business development intern in AEInnova.  Before finishing the internship, she makes a testimonial of her pass in the company.

I have had the chance to do my undergraduate business internship in AEInnova, which I was initially drawn to because of its environmental  and social mission.  After these four months  in the company, I have seen (from a hand-on experience) the great amount of work that goes behind and innovative start – up like this one, and also the strong motivation and ambition of its people, which is definitely inspiring. Since my first day at the company, everyone has made me feel welcome and part of this whole intelligent team, everyone has been ready to help me and to thoroughly answer my questions whenever I was in need, considering that I do not have any kind of engineering background and that some concepts were hard to grasp at first. It has been a gratifying experience for me and, even though I am goind to miss the company’s light-hearted atmosphere, I wish them every succes!